We can provide training, coaching, and resources to help your church move forward with concrete plans toward greater disciple-making and missional effectiveness. 

I spend many hours each week consulting with a wide variety of churches around the world talking through missional living. Some of those consulting calls happen periodically with individual churches every month or two. Other consulting calls happen in the form of video learning communities that meet for 1 hour, every 2 weeks, with 4-7 leaders on the call. I also travel to a number of cities and countries each year to do onsite training and coaching.

Options for Help:

  • Video consulting with Todd (usually 1 hour) with 1 -5 key leaders.

  • Video consulting with Hannah (usually 1 hour) with 1-5 key female leaders.

  • Onsite training at your church for 2-3 days of assessment, teaching, and coaching.  

  • Video Learning Community: 1 hour every 2-4 weeks with 4-7 leaders from a church or group of churches. 

  • Leader Getaway in San Diego with Todd and Hannah. 

Below is a typical coaching conversation about many practical details of leading Missional Communities and DNA Groups with the leadership team of a church in Stockholm, Sweden.


If you and your spouse, or you and 1 or 2 of your key leaders would like to getaway to San Diego to get some sunshine, beautiful beaches or hiking, and some quality investment in your life and leadership, then Hannah and I would love to host you! We would love to bless you with 3 free nights of housing at one of our friend’s Airbnb, as well as 1 to 2 days of discussion with us and some of our leader friends around discipleship, missional living, marriage, parenting, missions (we’ve been involved internationally for over 20 years), foster care and adoption (our 5th child was fostered and then adopted), or anything else that would be helpful for you.


You can stay longer beyond that in San Diego, and we can help you think through how to maximize your stay also. We’re just looking to bless leaders and leader couples that are doing good Gospel work around the world! And, yes, San Diego is as beautiful as they say! 


If you’re interested, contact us and give us some details about when and what would be ideal for you, and we’ll work out some dates from there. The 3 nights will likely be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights in most cases.

This experience is for staff, elders, or other leadership team members that are missional practitioners and are helping their churches try to develop some form of communities on mission.


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Todd was a founding leader of the Soma Family of Churches and Saturate the World. He also helped start Josiah Venture, which has been doing youth ministry training and evangelism for 25 years in 14 different Eastern European countries. He lived in Eastern Europe for 11 years in the Czech Republic and Romania and has been serving church leaders internationally since 1994. For the past 20+ years, he's been helping train and coach both existing churches and church plants in North America and 20 other countries to form Missional Communities and other forms of missional small groups. 


Todd spends lots of his time consulting with church leaders and their teams to assess where they need help and how to move forward with concrete plans toward greater disciple-making and missional effectiveness. He also has a passion to see churches united and learning to work together to see gospel influence spread in their cities.


Todd is married to Hannah who has 20 years of experience living a missional life and leading MC’s in Romania, Tacoma, and San Diego. She’s had great impact on the lives of many non-Christian women friends, as someone who is gifted as an evangelist, and has also deeply discipled many Christian women over the years. And, she’s a pretty amazing Mom! Hannah is also available for female leaders interested in getting on a video call to talk about living intentionally on mission and helping lead a Missional Community as women.


Locally, Todd and Hannah lead a Gospel Community in San Diego with New City Church, which is part of the Soma Family of Churches. They have 5 kids who love Jesus, sports, and spending time together outdoors as a family.




Whether it's a video call, onsite training, a leadership getaway, or simple question, we're here to help. 


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